There are two kinds of climate denial, one conservative and the other progressive.

We are an endangered political species — pro-environment fiscally conservative Republicans. We embrace the radical idea that freedom, prosperity, and a healthy environment are not just compatible, but inseparable. And we need your help.

Tens of millions of us used to roam North America freely, criss-crossing every state and province…

Both conservative Protectors and progressive Liberators believe in the motto inscribed on every dollar bill: E Pluribus Unum — out of many, one.

But what kind of one will make us thrive? The left believes it takes a village, a place where free and equal citizens work together in relative…

Reality is beginning to dawn even on leaders of the establishment. The political media machine they work for may keep them in power for the time being. But it also traps them aboard a political Titanic by systematically destroying the economic, ecological, and cultural resources that keep us all afloat.

It could have been just another kind of flu, virulent and deadly, then gone. But in this world, at this time, the virus revealed our weaknesses. It spread faster and with more destructive consequences than if this were a healthier place.

The pandemic has changed our world. It shifted the…

We’ve been saying here at In This Together, that November 3rd wasn’t the most important day in this election cycle, it was November 4th. November 4th was the day where, regardless of our political affiliations, either our greatest fear would be confirmed, or we could all take a collective sigh of relief. In a year as unpredictable as 2020, it’s no surprise that November 4th left us as tense, hopeful, and expectant as the day before.

We now know that Joe Biden has been declared President-elect. For about 70 million Americans, we can finally take that sigh of relief. For months leading up to the election, and the days and weeks that followed, we weren’t quite sure where our democracy was headed. Another four years of…

Five steps for business leaders to reduce political warfare after November 3

Bill Shireman

Bill Shireman is a social entrepreneur and environmental policy innovator. He is the co-author of In This Together.

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